Foley & Fitzgerald is a boutique hospitality recruiting and placement agency based in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1995. We match the right person with the right job for the right reasons.



Our mission is to be transparent, honest and helpful.



  • “Manresa has benefited greatly from its partnership with Foley and Fitzgerald. We have found several key long term employees through their services that have made large contributions to a quality experience at Manresa Restaurant.”
    David Kinch
    Owner, Manresa
  • “Foley and Fitzgerald have helped me not only find employment but also places that have become my second family! They took the time to know me and find the right fit for the restaurant and me! Thank you Foley and Fitzgerald, you’ve changed my life!”

    Jeffrey B.
    General Manager
  • “Aside from being wonderful to work with, Cindy simply gets the job done. She has tremendous contacts and resources that one can only obtain through hard work and dedication. I highly recommend Foley and Fitzgerald, it worked for me!”

    Malachi H.
    Executive Chef