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  1. Do your research about the establishment.  Know something about the chef and the cuisine they serve. 
  2. Look the part!  Make sure you are well groomed-hair cut, shaved, showered, clean fingernails, clean chef coat, polished shoes, etc…
  3.  Arrive 5 minutes early.  Don’t get there too early and never be late.  If you are running late, call and say why.
  4.  Make eye contact and smile!  Sit up straight, don’t squirm around in your chair, don’t chew gum.
  5.  Be a good listener…  We all get nervous, however really try to focus on what you are being asked and answer concisely.  Don’t tell the interviewer too much about yourself.
  6.  Bring a few written questions and a pen-  After you do research on a company, jot down a few questions for the interviewer.
  7.  Turn off your cell phone!
  8. If they offer you coffee, decline.  We recommend that you try to be as low profile as possible.  Bring a bottle of water if you have to, but that’s it.