We are experts in our field.

Since 1995 we have focused only on the Hospitality Industry. After years of owning and operating fine dining and themed restaurants, we know and understand the importance of matching the right people to the right job.

We are excited about finding and selecting the candidates that possess the specific skills and attributes to work successfully for you. We are ready when your need arises. We are constantly interviewing and screening candidates, while you’re busy operating and managing your establishment. We have built and maintain a database and network of thousands of talented people that widens every day.

We place qualified candidates for both FOH and BOH positions for hospitality, including restaurants, hotels, clubs, wineries, corporate and private residences.

Front of House positions: Director of Operations, Multi-unit Managers, General Managers, Restaurant Managers and Estate Managers.

Back of House: Corporate Executive Chef, Culinary Director, Food & Beverage Director, Executive Chef; Chef de Cuisine; Sous-Chef, and Private Chef.

We get it!

We’re known for being great listeners. We take the time to create a strong, lasting relationship with our candidates and clients to ensure successful placements.

We use our combined industry knowledge to identify which candidate has the right experience, talent, and temperament to be successful in their next position.

We don’t waste your time!

Face it, we’re all looking for excellent employees that are the perfect fit and classified ads are more time than they are worth.

Let us provide you with qualified, pre-screened candidates and give you a guarantee. We also offer salary negotiations and reference checks as part of our service.